Twice before, during the transition and the entry to the European Community, the Col.legi d’Economistes organized a Catalan congress of economy to analyze its impact.

Catalonia is currently coming out of a serious economic crisis facing two great challenges: globalization, where the centre of economic gravity is shifting toward Asia; and the impact of digitalization and artificial intelligence on life and the economy.

From a social aspect, every act is affected by the great challenge of reducing inequality. This is not only because it is fair, but also because its increase implies less opportunities for economic growth, which are necessary precisely because of the impacts of digitalization in the labour market.

The congress motto “Cap a un model eficient i equitatiu” (i.e. towards an efficient and equitable model), summarizes its goals: what we need to do to be more competitive worldwide and fairer. The aim of the Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya is to start a debate within the whole of the Catalan society on how to achieve these goals.

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